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mahogany wood

This wood, which has good quality at a low price, is also very popular in the world of furniture, even though it is not as good as teak, many craftsmen use mahogany as an alternative.

This type of wood is very popular as a furniture material because the tree has a very short growing period and is not too expensive. This type of mahogany wood also has a softer texture than other woods, is easy to shape, and is famous for its reddish color.

This wood, which is widely distributed in Indonesia, has straight, cylindrical stems, lots of knots, and no buttresses. The bark of young mahogany trees is light gray. After aging, the bark becomes black and shallow, scale-like grooves are more likely to fall off. The mahogany root system is straight roots that grow in soil with low water content but shallow in soil with high water content.

Mahogany wood has the same material quality as teak wood. The price is also relatively cheap compared to the quality offered by other types of wood. Therefore, it is not surprising that mahogany wood is often the main choice for building construction, both as supporting material, construction and furniture material. The main advantage of this type of wood is its high economic value. The hardness of mahogany makes it possible to make high-quality furniture, tools, carvings and plywood products.

In terms of durability and strength, mahogany wood is included in durability class III and strength classes II to III. On the trading market, mahogany wood is divided into two types. Namely per meter and per cubic meter.

So, now we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany wood, to clarify the properties of this wood.

Advantages of Mahogany Wood:

Mahogany wood has several advantages, apart from being a good material for furniture. The following are the advantages of mahogany wood.

1. The durability of wood is quite long
Mahogany wood, which is famous for its qualities like teak wood, has the same properties with long durability. Ideally, mahogany wood is used as a material for household furniture in the house. This wood is not recommend used outdoors.

2. Smooth wood grain appearance
West Indian mahogany has a fine grain in the trunk. With an appearance like that, mahogany furniture can represent a luxurious interior impression. Therefore, mahogany wood does not require much finishing. The fibers that come from trees and their natural colors are very good.

3. Economical
The purchase price of mahogany wood is obviously cheaper than teak circles. Grameds can use alternative mahogany materials for home furniture. Not only that, the long durability of mahogany wood can also be considered at a fairly affordable price.

4. Has a low natural oil content
Mahogany wood is characterized by low oil content. Too much natural oil can cause the wood to yellow. For this reason, some teak furniture may be painted yellow after finishing. Therefore, we don't need to worry, because the natural oil content in mahogany wood is low, it does not produce yellowing stains.

5. A type of wood that does not shrink easily
Now let's get to know the properties of mahogany wood with its shrinkage process. In fact, mahogany wood does not shrink easily, because the cross-sectional durability of this tree is fairly stable. For this reason, many instruments use mahogany wood for their manufacture, an example of which is the guitar.

Disadvantages of Mahogany Wood

Even though it has many advantages, this wood also has disadvantages that need to be considered when choosing it for home furniture. Some of the shortcomings are as follows.

1. Easily attacked by pests
Tropical mahogany trees are often attacked by pests during their growth. That is why it is difficult to find mahogany wood that is mature enough. In fact, mahogany trees themselves become stronger and better when they reach tens of years of age

2. The drying process takes a long time
Mahogany wood is not only often attacked by pests, but the properties of this wood also require a relatively long time during the drying process. This deficiency can result in lower quality teak wood. Mahogany wood that is completely dry will be stronger and more durable.

3. Easy to get moldy in outdoor areas
Outdoor mold quickly attacks mahogany wood and makes it mold faster than teak wood. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in rooms protected from extreme weather conditions. If this type of wood is placed in a damp place, it will mold more quickly.
The following is an example of a picture of teak wood before processing: