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teak wood

The superior properties of teak wood are what make it excellent and the main choice of raw material for furniture and building materials. Teak wood is resistant to fungal and termite attacks because it contains natural extractive substances in the form of tectoquinone which are not liked by destructive pests.

In the world of wood trading, teak wood is a luxury wood category and has very high aesthetic value. The heartwood is yellowish brown, and the sapwood is yellowish white or light yellow brown. Apart from that, teak wood also has a firm and beautiful pattern, as well as straight, wavy grain.

The best quality types of teak trees are usually obtained from trees that are more than 80 years old. In other words, the older the teak, the better it is at producing stronger quality teak.

the following is an examples of advantages of teak wood :

1. Exelent Durability
2. Strenght
3. Low Maintenance
4. Weatherpeoof
The following is an example of a picture of teak wood before processing:

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